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I love Coogee!

| Wednesday, 21 December 2011
With all the events of the last couple of weeks, I've failed to mention that I moved apartments. I must say, I truly DESPISE moving. I counted up the number of times I've moved, and in the last eight years I have moved a total of 10 - yes, you read that right - 10 times!! 10 times through three different states... Western Australia, Victoria and New South Wales... and that number doesn't include the handful of times I've crashed on someone's couch whilst looking for somewhere 'permanent' to live. Crazy? Most certainly! But hopefully this is the last move for quite some time....

So where did I move to? Well I've actually stayed in Coogee, but I've moved much closer to the beach. My apartment is on a high level, and I am extremely blessed to be greeted with 180 degree views of Coogee beach and the ocean! It is truly a spectacular sight, and seeing the ocean everyday seems to calm something within me.

Coogee Beach and the Bay
Wedding Cake Island...you can sort of see it!

These photo's were taken on my new iPhone 4 - my insurance claim finally came through! It's a shame that I couldn't get a 4s.... but oh well! I'm so glad to be part of the digital world again lol :)

Now - if only the weather would clear up and some sun would shine through - these pictures (and the cloudy outlook) simply do not do the view justice! Honestly Sydney - why have you become like Melbourne all of a sudden? There's a reason why I'm here and not there.... so brighten up, stat!! :)

x Mich


{ Cat } at: 6 January 2012 at 21:53 said...

You live at Coogee Bay, Mich? You should read this: http://www.takecourageblog.com/2011/04/miriam-and-hans.html !!

Cat xxx

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