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So... it's been awhile!

| Saturday, 28 January 2012
Just a quick post to let you know that this blog is not dead - I have just been incredibly busy! Perhaps not work wise (it's been DEAD QUIET and I have been tearing my hair out in frustration!), but I've had other things occupying my time such as: 
  • A trip back to Perth for a week to visit friends and family
  • Catching up for drinks with someone I met on New Years
  • Drafting my two year plan
  • Attending the Heatwave Festival
  • Updating my resume and applying for new jobs...
  • Phone Interview! - YAY!! (Interview next week - DOUBLE YAY!! =D )
  • Madly trying to complete my Mortgage Brokers assignment.... which is just over half done and is due on Monday. Oops!
So before I procrastinate any further, I leave you with this, my motto for the next two years...


I'll be back to regular posting on Monday (fingers crossed!!)

x Mich


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