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Late night update

| Monday, 5 August 2013
So... once again it's been awhile!

I'm finally no longer internet challenged (fingers crossed). Quite a bit has happened since I've been here last - namely kicking ass at work and enjoying my overseas trip!

Alas, it's late and I do have work tomorrow (oops - today), and as such this is a very short update. I promise I'll go into greater detail tomorrow (tonight).

I'll leave you all with a few pictures I took with my new Canon S110 camera - I finally did it and bought myself a half decent camera! I'm looking forward to getting a DSLR  next year, once I've mastered the point and shoot.

Sweet dreams :)

xoxo Mich

Night time in Coogee

Fench - north of Coogee Bay on the hill

Looking down at Gordon's Bay

Gordon's Bay

Looking tired at Ayala Shopping Centre in Cebu

Out at sea on a Whale Shark tour in Oslob, south of Cebu - more pics to come!

Having lunch with mum in Bohol :)


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