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Happy Days!

| Sunday, 9 October 2011
October is PUMPING! We're just over a week into the month, and I've just about made my monthly target - YAY!! That is, of course, if everything gets approved and delivered this month. But so far, so good - October is definitely looking awesome, and I'm looking forward to absolutely SMASHING my target!! :)

Sadly, I have no news on my iPhone yet - I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the cab company might have found it by tomorrow. All I can do is keep positive - if worst comes to worst I'll make a claim on my Insurance. - thank goodness I have that in place!

Moving on - as I mentioned in my last post, Shaine and I had our one year anniversary on Wednesday. I flew up to the Goldy again, and we celebrated by having dinner at Vie Restaurant at the Palazzo Versace. It was lovely - the food, the ambiance, the staff. The only problem was that Shaine and I had started drinking earlier in the afternoon with some friends, so by the time we made it to the restaurant we were well and truly TANKED. Oops. I guess it should come to no surprise then that I would leave my iPhone behind in the cab. The lesson has been well and truly learned!

In other news, we're planning to take a trip to Europe next year. Shaine and I have been talking about it for awhile, but I know that if I put our plans up here then I will put myself under pressure to ensure our travel plans become a reality! We have decided to do the Contiki Mediterranean Trail + 7 day Greek Island Cruise around July next year. The tour will last 18 days, during which we will explore Rome, Sorrento, Corfu, Athens, Istanbul, Mykonos and Santorini - just to name a few. I'm so excited!

(Picture taken from http://www.greektravel.com/greekislands/santorini/)

Lots of Love,
Mich :)


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