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Even when I'm losing, I'm winning

| Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Today I was on the late shift at work. Usually this means I get to sleep in, but not today!

I was up this morning at 7:00am. Well.... I was awake at least. I did manage to stay in bed until 7:30am, at which point I decided it was best I get out of bed and shower before my chiro appointment at 8:45am.

Fast-forward to 8:45am, and I'm still battling traffic to my Chiro. Who is only 2 kms away from where I live. A collective "Oops" and "Seriously?!?". Somehow I managed to find a parking spot and rush to my Chiro, making it there by 8:50am. Phew!

By 9:45am I'm back at home, cooking bacon for breakfast. Piss-farting around, trying to figure out what to wear to work quickly ensues.

By 10:00am, the bacon is burned to a black, non-edible crisp. FML. Thank goodness I had the sense to pick up a coffee before heading home -  I need caffeine to put up with this poop.

On the bus into work at 10:25am - hardly any passengers and minimal traffic means I'm in the city by 10:50am -yay! This extra time on my hands means I can see my optometrist.

I picked up my new glasses last week, and lucky me - there's a special promotion where I get a free pair of sunglasses. Sweet! My sunglasses arrived yesterday, and so I go to pick them up.

Mr Optomerist has another surprise for me - my new trial contacts are in. I get them fitted, and he tells me that the fitting fee is normally $40, but today it's on the house.


By 11:15am, I'm at work. Suffice to say, it pretty much went all the way downhill from there.

A quick gym session at 3:45pm ensures I don't lose my sanity, or kill anyone.

8:25pm - I get a phone call from a customer with numerous questions. I'm supposed to finish work at 8:30pm.

Have I already mentioned FML?

10:15pm and I'm home in bed typing up this poor excuse for a blog post.

I don't have any pictures from today to highlight this post, so I've dragged out some pictures of me at Palmer & Co. on Valentines Day this year:


Winning!! :D

Good night and sweet dreams (goodness knows I need it - look at the bags under my eyes -eek)!! Tomorrow can only get better, right?


xox Mich


{ Corine Traina } at: 11 September 2013 at 22:48 said...

This was definitely a day to remember. With your busy schedule, I'm glad that you're able to find time to visit a chiro. Thinking of it makes me realized that, at least, muscle pain or stress will be less of your problem after your appointment. Corine Traina @ USHealthWorks.com/San-Jose-Center.html

{ Michelle } at: 17 September 2013 at 22:10 said...

@Corine thank you for your comment! You've actually reminded me that it's been awhile since I've seen my chiro.... I'll need to book an appointment with him tomorrow! Thanks :)

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