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Lazy Sunday

| Sunday, 5 May 2013
I love Sundays. Sundays are my "it's ok to not do anything" day. Which usually entails sleeping in, walking down to Coogee Bay Road for breakfast, then trekking north and taking in the beautiful views of Coogee, Gordon's Bay and Clovelly. If it's warm, it's usually a visit to McIvers Ladies Baths where I can freely swim and sunbake half-nekkid. Life near the beach is amazing, and I doubt I could give it up.

Morning coffee in Coogee

Looking north towards Clovelly

Standing above Gordon's Bay!
Alas, it appears that Autumn is now upon us. So no more half-nekkid swimming or sunbaking for me :(

Despite the departure of Summer (which in all cruelty occurred LAST Sunday - 29 degrees celsius when I wasn't anywhere near the beach, but at Centennial Park, albeit enjoying a lovely picnic with dear friends - but I digress), I must admit that I am looking forward to the cooler months. An odd thing for an ex-Perth girl to discover, let alone admit, having once been accustomed to endless summers with temperatures continually over 30, and sweltering through every Christmas and Boxing Day in 40+ heat.

Centennial Park last Sunday -29 degrees Celsius, how I miss you!

So why am I now looking forward to the cooler months?

What I'm about to admit, in bullet points, is actually quite sad:

  • I will actually have time to do domestic things, such as do more laundry and cook more roasts and soups (potential boyfriends, please line up now! Pfft.)
  • I will more time to read and write (Yay!)
  • I can do girly things, such as touch up the colour in my hair and administer self manipedi's (a necessity, given the claw-like freakishness of my paws at the moment.... eurrggghh)
  • People will stop coming to Coogee, which means that I will be able to drive during the day on weekends without fear of losing my parking spot
    • Subsequently, I can do my grocery shopping (although I do doubt this - I hate dealing with screaming parents and kids on Saturdays - it's soooo not how I like to start my weekends)
    • I will start going to the gym on Saturday and Sunday mornings (this I KNOW will happen, seeing as I have the tendency to become gym-junkie-ish)
Well, I suppose it's not THAT sad. It's not like I have the rip-roaring social life that I did back in Perth - not that that is what i necessarily want back anyway! But I am looking forward to spending more time doing things that will enrich me whilst not breaking the bank.

One of my goals in life is to write and publish a book. This is something that I really want to focus on this year. Which is one of the reasons I have come back to blogging - it's time that I start getting some words out, which will hopefully get the creative juices flowing once more! So with any luck - or more appropriately, self-determination - I will start making this a reality this year, particulary given the cooler, less action-packed months are closing in.

Another goal is to get six-pack abs. It may sound strange, but this is a goal that I have, and I believe I am halfway to achieving it! Yay!!

My abs! (although I do believe the lighting was favourable here lol!)
Now it's time for me to start on a mixed berry cheesecake for our "Bring a plate of food to work" day tomorrow.

(This is not going to prevent me from getting a six-pack. Trust me.)

With love,
Mich xoxo


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