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Bright Red Capri Pants

| Friday, 16 September 2011
Friday. While the rest of the world rejoices the advent of the weekend, I find myself sulking at my desk. Why? because I work pretty much every weekend. And it's quiet at work. Which means I'm bored, and I'm daydreaming about being outside in the sun. Arrghh!! Damn you Sydney and your seven day trading laws!

*Sigh*. So far I've been checking out some fashion blogs to pass the time. One such blog, titled 'The Man Repeller'  had me chuckling to myself all morning! Written by Leandra Medine, her blog highlights the various fashion trends that women (or more accurately, the fashion industry) find (or promote shamelessly as) 'attractive', but are 'repellant' to men - think harem pants, boyfriend jeans, etc. Leandra's writing is sharp, witty, and very tongue in cheek, with just the right amount of crass. I find her absolutely hilarious! She has an incredible sense of humour, but she's also just plain RIGHT. It's like what I've said to friends before - generally, women dress for women, not necessarily for men. After all - it's us 'sheilas' that understand fashion, right?

An example of this actually occurred on my Gold Coast/Birthday weekend. Prior to my short trip, I spent about a week trying to plan my outfits for my weekend away. In my desperate attempt to find outfits which were
         a) light to pack (carry-on luggage only)
         b) stylish, and
         c) catered to any possible change in the weather,
I managed to turn my wardrobe inside out and came across a pair of BRIGHT RED low rise capri pants. I'd bought these pants about six years ago for around $20, but never wore them because of how bright they were.... or in other words, because I was a complete chicken s***. And for the simple fact that I'd forgotten I'd even had them! Fast forward to the present, and all I could think was "How STYLISH and fashion forward am I going to look in these?!?" Since I had that thought in my head, and the capri's ticked all the above requirements, they were packed.

Anyway, Sunday morning on the Gold Coast rolls around. Shaine and I wake up with surprisingly minimal hangovers (see my last post), and decide to go out for breakfast. Friday and Saturday were much cooler than I had anticipated, and so I thought that perhaps a pair of pants were the way to go for the day. I didn't want to wear my black skinny leg jeans because the sun was shining and I wanted something more colourful AND Spring-like. Then I thought to myself - wouldn't the red capri pants just be PERFECT!? So while Shaine is getting dressed and telling me where he is taking me for brekky, I start to put on my red capris.

It is then that I notice his talking dwindles. I look up at him. He is silent.... yet I know what he is thinking. His mind is screaming out to me
       "Pants that end BETWEEN the knee and the ankle?!?", and most simply

So what did I do? Well to be honest, I had anticipated this moment. Situations like this have happened before with previous guys. So before Shaine said anything I met his gaze and simply said:
"Babe -they're red pants. I KNOW what you're thinking. But I'm wearing them anyway."

Hmm. So there! Plain and simple. Besides - I'm not wearing them for him. I'm wearing them for me.... and all the other fashionable ladies out there!
(says she who is currently sporting a semi-mullet because her pixie haircut has grown out, and she's too lazy to see a hairdresser for a trim because she's trying to grow her hair to shoulder length again - i.e. man repeller!!)

Mullet-haired Man-repeller Michelle! Don't believe it?? Check below:

Normal Michelle


I'm REALLY going to have to do something about my hair, aren't I??

Happy friday!!

Lots of love,
Mich :) xoxo


Anonymous at: 19 September 2011 at 11:17 said...

haha you couldnt be a man repeller if you tried! love the red pants - colour blocking ;)
Jasmine x

{ Fashion By He } at: 22 September 2011 at 02:06 said...

nice post

come follow the first ever fashion blog from a Guys POV, let He know what you think

Fashion by He

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