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A birthday in Dreamworld plus a stein to remember!

| Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Saturday was my birthday (hello 27!!), and I celebrated it at Dreamworld. It was here that I have since rediscovered that I am a complete and utter wuss - I screamed like a banshee and held on for dear life on all the rides! Luckily for me the 'Tower of Terror' was shut for annual maintenance, and Shaine felt a bit queasy after we rode 'The Claw', so I managed to get out of most of the scary rides. I did however get sucked into going on the 'Cyclone'. Unfortunately for me, it wasn't until I was strapped into the ride that the attendant announced that we would be upside down..... TWICE. Terrified much? ABSOLUTELY. The picture below was taken right after I got off the ride...

Suffice to say, I tried to spend the majority of the day doing nice, simple things, such as view the tigers and pet the kangaroos. How cute is the picture with Shaine and the joey? Aww!! :)

Later that evening, Shaine and I went to the Bavarian Beer House for Pork Knuckle and Steins.... nom nom nom. By the way - check out my Pink Flamenco nails! They go perfectly with my new pink Boyfriend Blazer, don't they? And yes - I did finish off the stein all by myself. You can see my inebriation in the second photo haha :)

To make things worse, after dinner Shaine and I both made a visit to the liquor store to purchase some supplies for Margaritas.... Uh-Oh!! Yes, we both ate the worms, and Shaine polished off the scorpion.

Surprisingly enough, I didn't have much of a hangover the next day!

With Love,
Mich xxx


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