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Clothes my boyfriend has banned me from wearing

| Friday, 23 September 2011
Shaine has banned me from wearing certain clothes.

Yes. That's right, you heard it here first. There are certain things he has banned me from wearing.

Do I listen to him?

HELL NO. After all, where would the fun be in that?!

So what has he banned me from wearing?

"Nothing frilly or with ruffles, or tassles (tossles??)... (yes, his words exactly!

Black frilly bib necklace from Kookai

...and DEFINITELY no Skorts, or polka dots!!"

White Kookai top with lace pleated shoulders;  High-waisted skort from Sportsgirl.

So, can I wear pleats then?

"What are pleats??"

I show him my new white Kookai tank top which has pleated lace shoulder accents.

"But they're frilly! NO FRILLS."

Maybe I should wear this pleated skirt next time I see him!

Black tank top from Kookai; Black skinny belt from Sportsgirl; Pink pleated skirt from Sportsgirl.

Hahaha - poor, silly Shaine. Doesn't he know that his protest is futile? After all - he knows my wardrobe is made up of everything he has banned!!

Happy Friday!!

Lots of Love,
Mich :) xox


Jasmine B at: 27 September 2011 at 10:48 said...

Im loving that pleated skirt, I really need to up the pleat quote in my wardrobe...
Jasmine x

{ Julie } at: 27 September 2011 at 15:41 said...

Adorable outfits :)


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